Published : Waiting

Published : Waiting

I’m very happy to say my poem – ‘Waiting’ has been published by Silver Birch Press under the ‘I am waiting series’. Below is the first stanza of the poem.

I waited for a call
My alkaline blood curdling
The pungency burning my insides
I tasted harshness on my tongue
And bitterness in my skin
I was a wisp of a child waiting—

To read the rest of the poem you can click on the below link-

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  1. I see my comment on the underlying site is still awaiting moderation, Smitha, so I’m putting it here too: An excellent poem that describes the lingering pain of the death of a parent beautifully. Pain that becomes tinged with happy memories as time passes.

    • I’m glad you wrote your comment here or I wouldn’t have known that you’d read the poem. Thank you so much Robbie for reading, appreciating the poem and explaining it so beautifully. Hope you were able to celebrate Christmas as you wanted🙂.

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