On the other side

On the other side

Wrote a quick poem today. Its based on something that I’ve been feeling lately – the absence of the fear of crossing over. Losing someone you love to death is frightening or seeing someone you love, suffering or suffering from a disease is terrible but death itself is not. What do you think of it? Incidentally, I read a post written by Hemlatha where she wonders how it will be after death and decided to post my take on it.

When I die,
don't cry

for me;
for you see

I'm not going to be alone there
I'll have people who care

as much or more-
Those that went before

I imagine my mother standing
with open arms, smiling

At heaven's door
Her eyes so kind, it'll heal my core

I see my father standing beside her-
watching me like he did, when I felt a stir

at the pit of my stomach-
when I was stuck

in a rut
I remember how it worked miracles then, on my gut-

his mere presence.
That's the essence

of crossing over for me,
you see-

I imagine I'll be home again
when at last, to rest I'm lain

So, don't cry 
when I die

For me
For I'll be as happy

as I am now. Say, 'Amen'

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