Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Thanks to my recent trip to Rajasthan, which I started documenting Travel: Rajasthan Diaries, I can now participate in Thursday Doors. Rajasthan, a city in the North West of India, had lots of beautiful doors. It’s only natural considering it is a city of palaces and famous for its craftsmanship in woodwork. I know of friends who’ve come from abroad and taken an entire carved door back home to add a decorative item to their homes. Some have used the door to convert into a dining table by adding legs, and some have used it to create an illusion of a room beyond it by affixing it to the wall.

Here are a few pictures of doors that I took on the trip.

I can’t remember where I took this. Looking at the work on it and the fact that it is a metal door, it may have been in any one of the many palaces in Rajasthan.

There is something so fascinating about palace doors- it’s not just the sturdiness of the doors and the size but that these doors open up to a world that is so different from that of the common man.

Though the house looks old, something about this door makes it special. The motifs in white around the door are characteristic of Rajasthan.
The door leads to Chandra Mahal (Palace). I took this picture standing in the courtyard of City Palace. Can you see the idol of Ganesha on top of the door? Hindus believe Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles.
Here is a beautiful door with Lotus motifs that represents the Summer season. This is one of the four doors that leads up to the rooms on the top of the Palace.

I’ll share the remaining pictures of doors I took, in subsequent posts. I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful doors from Jaipur, the ‘Pink’ city of India.

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20 responses to “Thursday Doors”

  1. Ohhh, yes, yes, please, more Smitha doors! These are astonishing! The last one is out of this world. 😮 And yes, yes, I can see myself take a door home if it were for the taking or the price were low, and use it for a table! What a splendid idea. Wait when Dan hears about it. He has been known to restore and build furniture. (I see that you are linking to his post from the last Thursday. Please replace the link with the one from yesterday. Thanks!) Sooo happy that you are sharing these splendid doors!

    • Yayy! So glad you liked the doors, Manja. Rajasthan’s architecture is full of stories. Narrating all of them requires time but I will try in the coming week.
      I had no idea you were into collecting that kind of stuff. Now I know why foreigners love Rajasthan furniture so much. Had no idea about Dan restoring furniture either. I hope this interests him then.
      Thank you once again for letting me know that I had linked to an earlier post😀. I fixed it🙂. Reading your comment has got me smiling from ear to ear.❤

  2. These are wonderful doors. The intricacies of the details in the doors and in the surrounding entrances are amazing. We have places here that salvage old doors that are being removed due to renovation or when buildings are torn down. They have hundreds of doors for similar uses as you describe. I like the door within a door. Thanks for joining Thursday Doors.

    • Thank you Dan for visiting. I’ve been meaning to join Thursday doors for a long time but somehow did not manage to find interesting pictures of doors until now. Rajasthan is a door lover’s paradise. I’m so glad you found these doors interesting.

    • Ha ha…that’s true. There are beautiful doors everywhere in Rajasthan and I had to go all the way there to take part in the challenge. Thank you Arv for visiting. Its been a long time.

      • Haha..door are supposed to open opportunities. In your case door led you to travel. 🙂
        I know it has been a long time, Smitha. Are you on Instagram?
        Good to see you got an opportunity to travel to Jaipur and other places in Rajasthan.

        • Ha ha…true🙂. Yes, I am on insta, Arv as smitha.v_pennings and artbysmithav.
          I’m glad we got an opportunity to visit Jaipur with my girls. It had been on the list for far too long. Now, having visited there, we definitely intend visiting again- we found it far too beautiful and a wonderful place to shop in. Next time though, I will check out your blog before going🙂 so I can get more out of the trip.

        • Followed you on Insta…
          I’m glad you did, Smitha. Jaipur is one the few cities that people love visiting again and again. Shopping is a big charm. The city has created a big name in handmade, art and craft like no other city in India. Let me know if you need any help whenever you are visiting the pink city. 🙂

        • Me too 🙂 followed you on insta. I forgot to connect with you this time but I will next time. Thanks Arv. Jaipur is indeed a shopper’s paradise and so much more. We enjoyed every moment there.

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