Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesdays
The snake charmer

Saw this snake charmer during our recent visit to Rajasthan. The snake which is usually a cobra is kept in a cane basket. When the snake charmer plays the pungi as it is referred to in North India or magudi, as it is called in the South of India, the snake uncoils itself and sits up in a defensive position, with its hood facing the charmer. The snake moves its body as per the music of the pungi or flute, or so it appears. The truth is snakes can’t hear. So, when it sways to the music, what it’s actually doing is swaying to the movement of the snake charmer or the instrument. The snake charmer moves the flute as he plays it and the snake follows.

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  1. Very nice and I remember we used to have these festivals once a year in Mumbai and would see these charmers almost everywhere but sadly they are not here anymore. Nice picture and post, Smitha.

    • I didn’t either Andrea, until I began writing the post and researching for it. I found it interesting too! I’m so glad that my post was informative. Thank you!

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