To Russia, with love

To Russia, with love

You are strong, we know
You don’t need to stoop low
To prove your point

You don’t need to sully
Your reputation. Don’t be a bully
Come on, Russia

You can do so much better
Be the bigger person, play the good, ‘Big brother’.
Remember the phrase ‘Love thy neighbour’?

Nothing good ever comes from wars
Other than deep, ugly, painful scars
Wake up, Russia!

There’s greatness in accepting your mistake
Stop fighting for humanity’s sake
And before it’s too late, back off!

The past, you know, is there for a reason
To forget is as good as treason
So, Russia, Stop!

Why fight,
when you can achieve so much more through peace

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25 responses to “To Russia, with love”

    • Thank you, dear Robbie. I just hope things go back to normal. Like the world’s not had enough already. Are you back from your holiday?
      You have a great week ahead. XXX

      • Hi Smitha, we only went away for two day so I was already back at work last week Monday. Michael is sick and we had him tested for Covid. Thankfully, it was negative. What a relief. I hope your new week is also good.

        • Hi Robbie, I hope Michael’s feeling better now.
          A two-day staycation can work wonders, if it involves the kind of experience you had. Enjoyed seeing your photographs. Stay well, my friend❤

  1. War is never the option. However, looking at a wider scenario, you’ll find that it’s USA’s mistake as well. The USA wanted to encircle Russia by forcing Ukraine to join NATO. If that had happened, NATO would’ve established nukes & missiles on the Ukrainian border. There already are 5-6 nations sharing borders with Russia who are members of NATO. Why do you think that a person like V.Putin would let that happen? He stated clearly that we don’t want to capture, we just want the current government to be dethroned. The USA created the Taliban, the USA transferred weapons to Iran & Iraq & much more. It’s always the “USA” behind these tragedies in the Asian continent.
    I completely understand that it’s the working class who suffers & not the rich & those in power but Capitalism works in this way from the very beginning.
    The world has nothing except sympathy & prayers for Ukrainians similar to what they had for the Afghan people last year.

    Well penned, Smitha.

    • Thank you, Tanishq for such a detailed, well thought out explanation. I agree with you on the US being a trouble maker. They’ve destroyed most oil producing nations- now their troops are in the UAE, providing protection against the Houthis. But that’s what they do, take money to protect, squeeze it all out and then leave. But by doing this, Russia is only letting the US press its buttons . Instead , it should be focusing on improving its economy, maintaining peace and showing the world that it is a wise, powerful nation. It’s scary to think what China is taking out of all this.

      Thank you, again Tanishq for a meaningful discussion. Much appreciated.

    • Thank you so very much, dear Cheryl for your kind appreciation. You’re right- the reasons are far more complex than we think. Who knows who’s being manipulated, who’s gaining but one thing is for sure, people like us lose. Thank you,again for sharing your feelings on the issue. ❤

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