Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

This post is for all the women out there who carry on with life, without the drama – to women who wipe their tears and are ready to stand after every fall, who work towards their dream without all the ‘noise’.

Remember, women’s empowerment begins with ‘Women’- it begins with you and it begins at home. As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law, let us promise to treat each other right. And when I say ‘women’ I mean all women – homemakers, domestic help, employees and business leaders, students, children- irrespective of race or color or status. It’s important we women treat other women right and show men how a woman should be treated.

And to all the women out there, don’t blame anybody for not giving you what you want if you haven’t laid out your expectations. Even God said, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ How do you expect mere mortals to know what you want then if you do not ask?

Here’s a poem I’d written a long time ago- it’s in my book, ‘Roads- A journey with verses’. It seems perfect to share it today on Women’s day.

Let every girl be

 I will not give up the things that I want to do, 
for things that you think I must do
I will not be forced by you
I will  not be coerced by you
to do the things I don’t want to
Unless I choose to

I will entertain when I wish to
And not when you think I have to
I will not be treated as a sequel
Because I am by far your equal
I will not be subdued
Or unfairly viewed

By Man
Or Woman
Get this straight
I  will not be treated as bait.
A simple truth you do not see
Men, you would not exist if not for ME

Don’t clip my wings, I want to be free
Women, do not forget, you are ME.

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18 responses to “Happy Women’s Day”

  1. I love your poem – so empowering and affirmative. I agree with you, there is no woman to be excluded from this honor and dignity that we seek – the human society draws so much from all forms of contributions from what comes from solely being a woman.

    • Thank you dear Pragalbha for your thoughtful words. I had written it a long time ago. Thought it was apt to post it now. I hope you liked the quote too. Yes, we keep harping on how men should treat us but the fact is a lot of negativity happens because of women treating women badly, be it at the workplace or amongst friends, in schools, colleges etc.

  2. “show men how a woman should be treated.” Right, and not only that. It is getting clearer each day. We should be showing men how to do lots of things: foreign policy, progress, human rights, everything that doesn’t work. It is not too late. I love your poem too. All well.

    • Ha ha. I believe Putin’s camp has a woman who is strategic advisor. We need good men and women on the top who do not need to feed their ego. Thanks so much, Manja for reading. Glad to know things are fine at your end. Hugs.

    • Absolutely, Andrea. I think half the problems women face are because of other women. It’s such a sad truth. If only women understood instead of blaming the men.

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