I’m not making excuses

I’m not making excuses
It's been ages since I told you, 'I love you'
Or showed you that I do

It's not that I'm not in love with you
I am. But, being loved by you and loving you

Feels like a habit- consistent, like breathing,
and predictable like the rising sun

Maybe, if our love
Was like the moon-

Waning and waxing
Or the tide- rising and falling

Maybe,then I'd need to 
proclaim my love for you, like lovers do.

This is not me making an excuse 
This is me saying, 'You are my muse'

If it appears like I love so much else, it's true.
But, that's only because of the love i have for you.

P.S - I wan't sure whether to add the last 2 stanzas or end the poem at 'like lovers do'. What do you think?

12 responses to “I’m not making excuses”

    • Thank you, Robbie. Yes,I wrote it for my husband. I added the last 2 stanzas later. They were more an addendum and not part of the original. I’m so glad you liked it.

  1. Oh but it wouldn’t be complete without those parts that did flow from you. So I love it exactly as it is now, it is all yours and that is what is important 🙂

  2. Hi Smitha, I think the last two stanzas make it romantic. Without them it speaks about how we don’t say I love you because love is a habit – very true – and you could draw the conclusion that there isn’t enough love left, because it’s no longer grand, but the last verse in particular grounds it again in love, by saying everything else follows on from the love you have for the person in the poem.

    • Hi Andrea, thank you for explaining the difference to me- between keeping the two stanzas and not. With this clear difference that you point out, you’ve cleared all doubt. I’m retaining it🙂. I especially like how you say that the last verse makes love ‘grand’. Thank you so, so much❤.

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