Poem : Z

Poem : Z

On World Poetry Day today, I’m sharing a poem I wrote, ‘Z’, in light of the Ukraine- Russia War. This poem is based on the news dated 10th March where terminally ill children stood in the snow forming the letter ‘Z’ in Russia. To read the news, you can click here.

Dying children standing in deep snow- a 'Z' formation 
What does it mean? 
Makes me wonder 'Zachem',in Russian

means, 'for what?' 
What does it even mean?
When everyone is second guessing; so must I-

'Z' is for zoo; where animals are caged
'Z' is for zealot; an oppressor
'Z' is for zip; used for restricting access.

'Z' is for zen; living in harmony with the universe
'Z' is for zealous; passionate for a cause; I wonder, even to die?
'Z' is the last alphabet;the end!

'Z' is for zanny; bizarre or comical
'Z' stands for Zapad,meaning 'West'; where the sun sets, and
'Z' stands for Za Pobedy, meaning victory; I wonder, over what?

Since nobody knows what 'Z' stands for
Would it be overly optimistic of me 
to think it symbolizes, 'peace'? 

Peace between two ideologies- communism and capitalism
Moving parallel like railway tracks
Never to meet

Except as in 'Z'.

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17 responses to “Poem : Z”

  1. A poignant reflective poem, Smitha. Very ingeniously written! <3

    I think the dictator wants to return to the time of the czars…with himself as czar, naturally! Such a sad era of the pandemic; racial, ethnic, and religious violence; wars; income inequality; the rise of cruel authoritarian leaders; environmental degradation and climate change. I hope to see positive changes in my lifetime. <3

    • Cheryl, thank you for your words of appreciation. I’m delighted you liked the poem.💗😊

      It’s painful, all that’s happening around us. Sadly, we are repeating the mistakes of the past when we know fully well that nothing good can come of it. You’ve listed out all the problems in our world today. Sadly, one lifetime isn’t enough to fix the mess. We only seem to be making it bigger.
      Thank you again,Cheryl for writing back. I appreciate it very much.❤

    • Yes, Robbie, I did. I was shocked seeing sick children standing in the snow. The poem wrote itself out. I’m happy you found it interesting.

    • Amen! Thank you, Brad for reading. I’m so glad the poem resonated with you. It’s gut-wrenching to see the destruction caused by this war.

  2. I absolutely loved all your Zs!!! What a touching news, appreciate knowing about the children and their formation. I join you in the intention and meanign of Peace ()

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