Art : ‘Glow’ – a canvas painting

Art : ‘Glow’ – a canvas painting

I completed my first painting for 2022, on March 11th after a hiatus of 3 months (from December to February). I realized how much I had missed holding a brush in my hand. But, sometimes, no matter how much you enjoy doing something, you have to wait because life gets in the way. There is a time for everything.

While I enjoyed sketching the picture and applying the paint, it took some time to get accustomed to sitting for hours in front of the easel. However, having done the painting, I feel a sense of relief – I had been worried that I might have lost the touch. Maybe, it’s because I haven’t learnt art professionally, or because it came to me as a gift from the Heavens during the lockdown, that I fear losing it.

The medium I used for this painting is acrylic paint- which is thankfully far more forgiving than watercolours. The painting has been done on an 18″ X by 24″ canvas and is inspired by an oil painting by Bryan Taylor.

I call the painting, ‘Glow’. It is a reminder to burn brightly to eliminate the darkness around you and to make an impact so others can reflect your glow.

‘Glow’ – acrylic painting
Click on the video to view the painting- as you might if you were seeing it in real.

Let me know what you think about the painting. All feedback- critical or otherwise is more than welcome.

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25 responses to “Art : ‘Glow’ – a canvas painting”

    • Thank you so much, Kamal for the good words and the encouragement. I do enjoy painting and hope not to let such a long gap come again. Hugs.

  1. Truly lovely. I think it’s exactly for this reason – that the gift came to you, that you didn’t go to school for it – that you won’t just simply lose it one day.

    • Oh Manja, thank you❤ for the love and the confidence. You are a good friend. I just need to read this comment everytime I doubt myself. Thank you so much😘

  2. It’s intriguing, first, because I wonder why paint the candle and its reflection. The reflection seems to loom out of the darkness with other shapes behind that we can’t quite get into focus. There is definitely something questioning and spiritual about it.

    • I was looking for pictures to paint and something about this painting held my attention. So, it makes me happy to hear you talk about it, Andrea. Though it’s just 3 objects really, I found it…like you said, ‘intriguing’.

  3. HI Smitha, I liked this painting when I saw it on Insta. Candles, somehow, give me a great feeling of hopefulness. You’ve done a great job and I love the warm colours.

    • Hi Robbie, Thank you! I’m so happy to know you love the painting. And I totally understand what you’re saying. The painting’s on my easel in the living room and I keep looking at the candle and I don’t know- there’s something about it- it kind of grows on you. Thanks again, Robbie. XXX

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