The end of another NaPoWriMo- Winnings, Wrapping up, Learnings and much more

The end of another NaPoWriMo- Winnings, Wrapping up, Learnings and much more

And finally, April came to an end and I managed to clock in 58 poems (as two poems fitted a prompt from both the groups I was participating in). This year, I remember feeling exhausted within the first week- the kind of feeling when you feel you’ve churned out everything you had to and there’s nothing more to give. My daughters reminded me it was just one week and that’s what’s supposed to happen at the end of three weeks. So, I spoke nothing more about it and prayed that I’d be able to complete the challenge. In case you’re thinking, ‘praying for such a silly thing,’ let me explain. It’s about the discipline and the promise that you make to yourself that you’ll complete the challenge. It’s not for anybody else that you make it but to yourself. I’m sure that’s how all those who participate in NaPoWriMo feel and they do it year after year religiously.

This year, we had another set of amazing prompts,thanks to the host, Maureen. You think there’s nothing more to learn but Maureen manages to come up with something more, making the 30 days challenging, fun and exhausting all at the same time. This year, again, I made some new aquaintances, who I hope to stay connected with- and so my world expands by a few more beautiful souls.

I’d like to thank all those who read my poems, wrote back and cheered me along the way. If not for you (I mean it) the journey would have been nothing more than an exercise. A shout out to Cheryl, Andrea, Robbie, Sonia, Harmony, Romana, Selma, Gloria, Kamal, Punam, Manja, GS Subbu and Garima from Expressions Expresso (whose link I’m unable to connect to) for helping me reach the finish line. You made the journey sweeter. I’d also like to thank my friend, Vineetha who makes sure to read my posts, no matter how busy she is. There were others who are not on WordPress and therefore I am not linking their blogs here.

This year’s NaPoWriMo was all the more special because my poem, ‘Adapting’ got featured.

Last, but not least, I leave you with this beautiful cento poem that my dear friend, Manja wrote on the last day. A cento is a poem that has lines from poems written by different poets. Manja took a line from each of a few fortunate poets (including mine) and strung it together. Do give it a read to see how many beautiful ways are there to connect people together across the distance. I’m sharing a few lines from her poem as a teaser.

April Magic (cento)

A poem to write in the moonlight. 
Where to start on this page?1

Do not always choose the prettiest words.2
Better roll. Who wants to gather moss?3

An update for all those who read me regularly, you may have noticed a change in my blog’s appearance and sadly, the change isn’t good. But, that’s because the theme I used for WordPress had ‘retired’ (those were the words it gave me) and I tried changing it. Only, I messed it up and it will take time for me to fix it up, given how technically challenged I am. So, please bear with me.

For those with whom I have got connected only recently through poetry, I will be sharing the remaining 28 poems I wrote in April, during May. It would be wonderful if you stayed.

Thank you again very kindly for reading me as I rambled along. I truly appreciate you being here. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the year and a lot of writing, dreaming and all that your heart desires.

Love and Light,
Smitha All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Hurrah, you beautiful soul! Thank you so much for linking to my cento. Please edit the link so that it leads only to the post with the cento, not to my blog because as new posts will be added, the cento will slowly disappear too low for your readers to find it.
    For now your new theme looks good. I just noticed that the button to share this post on Twitter is gone. I wanted to do just this but now I can’t.
    Looking forward to all your poems, art, travels and everything you share with the lucky us.

    • Thank you dear, dear Manja. All I’ve been doing today is fixing this blog and I created it from scratch again. It was good learning and I suppose it was needed. I still need to fix the replies. But, it’s good to know it looks good- when a photographer says it 🙂 I’ve no reason to doubt it. Do, let me know if there’s anything that needs fixing. Yes, I got rid of twitter for now since I feel its such a waste (barely gets any readers).
      Please send me the link to the cento, Manja and I will replace the existing link. Thank you again, for the amazing cento. It was a beautiful way to wrap the month.
      I look forward to traveling to…and sharing loads of new experiences- it’s lovely to have a reader, a friend like you. XXX

    • Thank you dear Sonia for sticking around. I hope you receive this reply. I’m having problems with replies in my blog. So, if you do, please say, ‘Aye’. I’ll know 🙂

  2. Don’t know how to connect w/U. Have left msgs
    Received 2 responses from U but cannot view. Be well, Smitha.

    • Hi Selma, I’m not sure if you do receive this reply but thanks to your message, I am not checking with the support. Please let me know if you can read this reply.

    • Dear Selma, please check if you receive this message. I’ve managed to fix a few things but I am not sure if this works or not.

  3. I don’t write poetry and seldom read it, but it’s obvious that it gives a great deal of pleasure to the many who do. A wonderful way to express yourself. And with a little encouragement, even better!

    • I know…poetry can be a little testing. But, I would really like it if you read mine once in a while and let me know what you think. It would be great to know that I brought you into the realm of poetry. Who knows you might start liking it :).

      • I play with Haikus occasionally – such a simple format that even I can remember, but I’m hopeless at remembering ‘rules’. I know you don’t have to follow rules for poetry but if you don’t, isn’t it just prose? I’ll try and remember to pop by sometimes 🤗💟

        • Yes :), the lines between poetry and prose have blurred these days. Yet, to be able to say a lot of things in few words and leave the reader pondering over it makes poetry special. Honestly, I’m bad at remembering rules myself, so, I totally get what you’re saying. Thank you for obliging me and saying you’re willing to try to visit XXX.

  4. Hm… I’m pretty sure that I liked this post already and yet right now it showed no like from me so I liked it again. The same goes for the next post. I wonder if it’s your blog or something over here.

    • I had to reset my blog and so I lost a few comments between the 29th and the 30th. I can see them but it does not show on my post. I spoke to customer service but they couldn’t fix it.

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