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TSL: Day 0 – Unbound

As I promised, I will be sharing the second set of poems that I wrote in April based on the prompts received on the TSL group (which is a Fb group managed by Dr Ampat Koshy). The prompt was to write a poem based on the below picture-

‘Today’s pre NAPOWRIMO task is a picture prompt – let us set the ball rolling. This one is for fun.

This one is on “BRUSH AND WIND” which should be the title of your poem.’

My poem – ‘Unbound’

I see you playing in the stream 
As if you were a dream
splashing around-
I hear your tinkling laughter
amidst the babbling water
I see moonstones on your hair;
And your skin, inviting, wet and bare

I wish I were the tree
on the bank, that need not hide to see
and I wish I were the wind
then I need not have sinned

for I could envelop you, and brush your face
With no fear of falling from grace
But I am neither wind nor tree
I am just me-

A man plagued; and you, are no child
You should know better than to play in the wild.


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