When she danced

She led We followed Matching step to step, beat to beat Two to the right, two to the left Two forward, two backwards Hands in the air, hands on the sides A few we missed, those in between While we groaned in pain Gyrating our girth, shimmying our torso We did what she did Her…

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I woke up this morning to find that this post from 2016, had been shared by Sally Cronin. It brought back a flood of memories – that’s what old writing does right?

The post took me back to the time when I wrote this poem – in a hotel room in Dubai in between moving homes. The CEO of the back had put me in charge of bringing about 5S in the organization. I barely had any knowledge of the topic and I was required to not only learn it but sound convincing enough to get a buy-in from all the other department heads. I remember telling myself over and over again to focus on the clapping and the cheering at the end of the presentation (something I had read in a book – ‘How to Be Brilliant – Change your ways in 90 days,’ by Michael Heppell.  It really helped me.

Thanks Sally for reminding me of this post which failed to get too many readers when I began in 2016. Reminded me of my life in the  UAE and the time I worked. Though its’ only been a year since we moved and I stopped working, it seems now like forever.




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